Bash for Everyone — Part 2

Part-2 -- Learn Core Linux Commands Working with commands - type, which, help, man, info, whatis, alias Exploring the file system commands - ls, pwd, file, more, less Manipulating files and directories commands - cp, mv, mkdir, rm Redirection commands - cat, sort, uniq, grep, wc, head, tail Permissions commands - id, cdmod, su, sudo, … Continue reading Bash for Everyone — Part 2

Bash for Everyone — Part 1

I’ve divided this post into two parts, first, one will be focused on bash and the second one will be on Unix commands and useful one-liners. Table of Contents Part-1 -- Shell Scripting  Pipelines Bash - Bourne Again Shell Compound Statements Running bash scripts File permissions Part-2 Shell Scripting Shell scripting is a computer programming which … Continue reading Bash for Everyone — Part 1

Introducing Pandas-Sets: Set-oriented Operations in Pandas

I frequently find myself storing standard Python set objects in DataFrame columns. This usually happens when I have some kind of a tags or labels column for each observation. It can also be the output of a groupby operation where the end result needs to be a list-like (or set-like) object before it's aggregated. Using set operations (union, intersection etc.) can come in handy in … Continue reading Introducing Pandas-Sets: Set-oriented Operations in Pandas

Deep Learning Resources

Online Courses Andrew Ng’s Machine-Learning Class on Coursera Geoff Hinton’s Neural Networks Class on Coursera (2012) U. Toronto: Introduction to Neural Networks (2015) Yann LeCun’s NYU Couse Ng’s Lecture Notes for Stanford’s CS229 Machine Learning Nando de Freitas’s Deep Learning Class at Oxford (2015) Andrej Karpathy’s Convolutional Neural Networks Class at Stanford Patrick Winston’s Introduction … Continue reading Deep Learning Resources

Summarize whole paragraph to sentence by Extractive Approach​

To catch a quick idea of a long document, we will always to do a summarization when we read an article or book. In English, the first (or first two) sentence(s) of each article has a very high chance of representing the whole article. Of course, the topic sentence can be the last sentence in … Continue reading Summarize whole paragraph to sentence by Extractive Approach​

Docker in a Nutshell

I want to start to tackle two very important questions that we are going to be answering throughout this blog post. The two important questions are: What is Docker? Why do we use Docker? Let’s answer first Why we do use Docker by going through a quick little demo right now. Let’s have a look at this … Continue reading Docker in a Nutshell

Introduction to Natural Language Processing with NLTK

What is Natural Language Processing? Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps computers (machines) "read and understand" text or speech by simulating human language abilities. However, in recent years, NLP has grown rapidly because of an abundance of data. Given that more and more unstructured data is available, NLP has gained immense popularity. Prerequisites  Python 3.+ Jupyter Notebook Natural … Continue reading Introduction to Natural Language Processing with NLTK